Best Practices in Computer Network Defense: Incident Detection and Response

NATO Science for Peace and Security Series - D: Information and Communication Security
2014, Melissa E. Hathaway (Ed.)

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Open Access by chapter:

  1. Advanced Research Workshop Findings
    Melissa Hathaway
  2. Computer Network Defense: New Threats and Trends
    Andrea Rigoni and Gustav Lindstrom
  3. Advanced Technologies/Tactics Techniques, Procedures: Closing the Attack Window, and Thresholds for Reporting and Containment
    John Stewart
  4. Beyond Perimeter Defense: Defense-in-Depth Leveraging Upstream Security
    Dave McMahon
  5. Back to Basics: Beyond Network Hygiene
    Felix FX Lindner and Sandro Gaycken
  6. Aligning National Cyber Security Strategies to International Guidance: A First Step Toward Improving Incident Response Capabilities Across NATO
    Matt Holt
  7. Evolution of National and Corporate CERTs - Trust, the Key Factor
    Olaf Kruidhof
  8. Standards for Cyber Security
    Steve Purser
  9. A Model for Positive Change: Influencing Positive Change in Cyber Security Strategy, Human Factor, and Leadership
    Will Pelgrin
  10. Coordination and Cooperation in Cyber Network Defense: The Dutch Efforts to Prevent and Respond
    Elly van den Heuvel and Gerben Klein Baltink