Reverse Engineering Training

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When reverse engineering skills become vital for your or your team's professional development and your local experts lack the time or skill to run your own classes, a training partner with extensive experience in the field as well as proven training skills is needed.

The wide field of architectures and platforms requires a partner with the ability to adjust to the individual needs of the attendees, in many cases also filling holes and inaccuracies in existing knowledge. Additionally, the efficient and goal oriented application of available tools for the task at hand is key to any well-organized reverse engineering training.

The Reverse Engineering Foundations class focuses on the important base knowledge of a serious reverse engineer. The five day training is packed with the details of IA-32, instruction decoding, argument referencing, binary analysis methodologies, PC architecture, file formats, APIs and analysis tools. This class has everything for the aspiring reverse engineer, with challenging hands on sessions and frequent tests of the acquired knowledge.

What Jan Muenther of the n.runs AG Security Team has to say about the class: The Recurity Labs Reverse Engineering Foundations Training makes a fantastic introduction into the field of binary analysis. Picking up the topic at the very basics and consequently building up practical skills through hands-on session, this is invaluable for everyone who always wanted to know what really happens under the hood. A great basis for further endeavors, highly entertaining, effective and instructive. All n.runs consultants, also those with some prior experience in the field, have profited greatly from their participation in this training. Wholeheartedly recommended!

The REF Training

Limited to 8 attendees per training!

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Trainee Tools Required

Dates and Cost

The next REF Training is scheduled for the 2009-11-23 (23th - 27th of Nov 2009).
REF Training cost is € 2.500,- (excl. VAT). Reservations must be made until 2009-10-31.
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The training is held at the Recurity Labs office in Berlin, Germany.